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Northeast Ohio


Season's Edge provides a unique and peaceful setting for individual and group retreats, business seminars, clinical and educational meetings, health and wellness workshops as well as relaxing vacations.

Since 1985, when Season's Edge was established by AJ Haskell, it has served as a year-round retreat from the pressures and problems of the modern world, a quiet and tranquil space for growth and change.

Season's Edge continues to offer a secluded setting for corporate organizational agendas, group retreats, experiential therapeutic process, spirituals explorations, or personal solitude in a beautiful, natural setting.

Clinical, business, church and professional groups are invited for therapeutic work, corporate team building, planning and educational sessions, as well as organizational development and training sessions. We also welcome workshop leaders who want to reach out to others in healthy ways, promoting wholeness through balance of body, mind, emotions and spirit.

The grounds afford ample flexibility for practically any small or large group to use. Past programs have included clinical conferences, corporate meetings and retreats, experiential therapeutic work, relationship workshops, church and religious gatherings, women's spirituality groups, men's work conferences and various spiritual, health/wellness, and meditation groups.

While we primarily book groups, individuals, couples and families are always welcome when space is available. Our widely separated facilities offer ample room for solitary experiences.

You'll want to stroll the nature trails, take some quiet time alone in one of the numerous meditation settings, or just gaze at the majestic views. Seasons Edge offers a spectacular setting where guests can focus on important inner work, experiential process, group meetings, or organizational agenda.


" Season's Edge is the perfect place to find your inner self and to be inherently one with nature."

"While attending a weekend retreat, I found a spiritual connection at Season's Edge that I could not find anywhere else."

"Season's Edge was the perfect place to hold our team building retreat."

"I have enjoy ever moment of my time here, from the fire ring ceremony to the sweat lodge, it has been an amazing experience."

"Season's Edge offered us a place to hold our marriage ceremony and the atmosphere brought forth a very spiritual connection with nature."

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